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Time Required
10 hours
Course Type
Online/Internet Based
Course Fee
Free of charge
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Becoming Export Ready in Lao PDR: E-Learning Course for Lao PDR

Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this course provides prospective Laotian exporters with a comprehensive overview of how to export from Lao PDR, including in terms of how to comply with basic international rules and conventions, meeting exporting requirements, finding and connecting with buyers, and arranging logistics with the help of third party professionals.

Through its concrete examples, exercises and case studies, all of which have been carefully localized to the Laotian context, the course introduces participants to everything they will need to get started on their export journey, with helpful links, contacts and resources also provided for those who would like to go further.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Gauge your own company’s export readiness;
Identify what you need to do to register as an exporter in Lao PDR;
Draft a plan to effectively meet the export rules and procedures that apply to your product;
Set a step-based approach to meeting both mandatory and voluntary (buyer) requirements in your target market;
Evaluate different ways of exploring, engaging and connecting with potential buyers on a sustainable basis, beyond just the first few shipments;
Identify the various transport and packing options available to you to distribute your products abroad, including the stakeholders you will need to approach to help you do so;
Choose the appropriate INCOTERM® for your needs; and
Select the appropriate freight forwarding service provider and interact with them effectively, including by drafting effective shipper’s letters of instruction.

Course certification

Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.

Course structure

  • Module 1 Bringing Your Products to International Markets
  • Module 2 Becoming an Exporter in Lao PDR
  • Module 3 Complying with export procedures and rules
  • Module 4 Complying with importing country rules
  • Module 5 Finding and Connecting with Buyers
  • Module 6 Transport Options for Lao PDR
  • Module 7 Using Incoterms® in International Shipments from Lao PDR
  • Module 8 Preparing an Export Shipment for a Logistics Provider